Brain Injury and Stroke Therapy


A stroke can have a big impact on both language and speech, which are connected by specific areas of the brain, as well as on the patient’s ability to eat and swallow. We are usually involved in the healing process right from the beginning since speech-language therapists are often brought in to observe the patient within 24 hours of the stroke.

We evaluate the patient’s muscle strength and coordination when it comes to chewing and swallowing and then determine what the best and safest options will be for the patient moving forward.

Patients often also have trouble in formulating speech sounds after their stroke and this is where we coordinate a speech therapy plan. Remembering how to put words and phrases together is also something patients may have to relearn and this is where language therapy comes in. A combination of speech and language therapy can go a long way in reconnecting the patient back to themselves and back to their family and friends.