Articulation Speech Therapy


Children say the cutest things like, “Can I pleathe hab a cookie.” Stuff like that is cheek-pinch worthy however this is a sign of a problem and should be addressed early in order to prevent a habit from forming. If you notice your child omitting letters, adding letters or substituting letters in words, an assessment with an SLP is a good idea. This sort of speech issue can be solved a lot more easily the earlier it is addressed.
Our pediatrics speech-language program provides high-quality evaluations. We provide therapy for children with speech- language impairments. Our therapists have advanced training and matching experience working with diagnoses including: Autism, Fluency and Stuttering, Articulation Speech Disorders, Auditory Processing Disorders, Voice Disorders, Expressive and Receptive Language Disorders Pragmatic Language Disorders, and Sensory Integration Disorders in addition to Feeding or Swallowing Problems.